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Recipe Conversion: Volumetric to Scalable formats


  Most recipes are written using volumetric standards; while formulas are written using scalable systems. Volumetric measurements are when items like cups, teaspoons, quart pitcher, spoodles etc are used to delineate an amount. The user fills the container to a line or to the top and that is considered the measured amount. Some units of [...]

Recipe Conversion: Volumetric to Scalable formats2019-07-23T09:09:55-04:00

Chef Services Group on Facebook


As an industry leader for research and development culinary consultants, Chef Services Group is regularly engaged in projects internationally and domestically. So to allow clients and business friends to stay up to date on the latest trends and concepts created and evaluated with the help of CSG, the Chef Services Group Facebook page has been [...]

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Discovering New Products Internationally


New products are regularly introducing themselves into the market. As Experts in the Research & Development Field Chef Services Group is regularly surrounding themselves with new innovative products. QimiQ an internationally renown cream base is being utilized more and more in the United States. Just this past month Chef Walter Zuromski traveled to Austria, the [...]

Discovering New Products Internationally2019-07-23T09:09:55-04:00